Acting & Voice Over 

Commended for a voice that is warm, inviting, and knowledgeable, Ms. Gill’s voice over credits include Christmas commercials for the Maryland Food Bank (522 Productions) and Talbot County (W Films), a Children’s National 5 K commercial (522 Productions), and online program introductions for Chesapeake College ( – W Films). Television, film, and commercial credits include principal roles on What Really Happened and
Who the Bleep Did I Marry?!; principal roles for industrial films for the American Nurses Association, Pepperdine University, Simmons College, NRECA, and WILL Interactive; commercials for Long Roofing, MASN, the Department of Transportation, Walden University, Capital One – Second Look (Martini Media Solutions), and online demos/Virtual Tour Guide for WebbMason Marketing. Most notably, Ms. Gill appeared as the “Opera
Singer” in the Season 2 Finale of House of Cards (Netflix – Media Rights Capital).

EMC, SAG-AFTRA Eligible:
301-297-7400 | F: 301-297-7333

Annie Gill Narration DemoArtist Name
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Commercial Suave CompleteArtist Name
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Commercial Acura CompleteArtist Name
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Commercial Ziplock CompleteArtist Name
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Commercial PSA CompleteArtist Name
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Commercial Gerber CompleteArtist Name
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Annie Gill Commercial Demo Complete Artist Name
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Commercial Silk CompleteArtist Name
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Commercial Cover Girl CompleteArtist Name
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